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Paul Pogba builds a football pitch in his house

Yes, still no news

Manchester United v FC Basel - UEFA Champions League
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Paul Pogba is building a small football pitch inside his house. That’s right, the international break refuses to die and therefore we are stuck with this garbage. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how everyone gets on his back for wanting to play football and having the temerity to be young and confident. I’m sure the papers will manage it somehow.

Apparently, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho said he would not be interviewed by Sky Sports ahead of the match with Liverpool this weekend. He said no earlier in the week. But now, he’s said yes! What a thrilling story that was, full of twists, turns, and a lovely heart-warming ending at the denouement. If someone wrote a script like that, it would be rejected for being too fanciful.

Dutch football is in crisis.” They beat Sweden last night, but they had already been ruled out of any qualification for the World Cup. A lot of people blame Louis van Gaal for his part in the development of young players in the Netherlands, and it would be no surprise given the mental damage that he did to some of the United squad in his time at the club.

It’s always nice to be able to mock Liverpool, and Gary Neville offers a chance here. He explains how the United players reacted to Rafael Benitez’s, ‘facts,’ rant when Liverpool were top of the table. It’s weird how one man can be held in such contempt considering he is just a football manager, but Liverpool does strange things to people’s ability to judge, from both sides of the argument.

And lastly, Romelu Lukaku has come through the international break OK after some concerns about some knocks and strains. The important thing now is that United absolutely batter Liverpool, or scrape a 1-0, and then give themselves some breathing room against worst teams to follow, while they recover.