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VIDEO: Manchester United’s best goals at Anfield


Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Manchester United’s games away at Anfield haven’t always produced the greatest spectacles, but the high emotional stakes have made those special moments so much sweeter. Seeing the ball go into the net to quiet down Liverpool’s famous ground - with the exception of the usually raucous away following - is always a memory to be treasured. Let’s look at some our best goals scored at Anfield.

Juan Mata: Liverpool 1-2 United (March 2015)

Mata scoring his and United’s second was the highlight of a fabulous day, and maybe of the whole Louis van Gaal era. Only made sweeter by serial bottler Steven Gerrard coming on at halftime so wound up that he got himself sent off almost immediately.

What a day.

Rafael da Silva: Liverpool 1-2 United (September 2012)

A cracking equalizer, from a cult hero. Miss you, Rafa.

John O’Shea: Liverpool 0-1 United (March 2007)

Best goal scored at Anfield? Definitely not. But what a moment. A match winner in stoppage time right in front of the Kop, scored by an academy product. And the despair of the home fans was palpable. Have some of that.

Ryan Giggs: Liverpool 0-2 United (January 1994)

Before he started phoning in whole seasons and shagging his brother’s wife, young Ryan Giggs was a magician. This chip, after having won the ball himself, was just...*kisses fingers*...magnifique.

What are your favorite United goals scored at Anfield? Or favorite memories that aren’t goals? Let us know in the comments.