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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho praises ‘special’ Paris Saint-Germain

Will Jose Mourinho be on the move?

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Celtic v Paris Saint Germain - UEFA Champions League
Better than De Gea
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

As Jose Mourinho starts agitating for more control and a new contract, expect plenty more of this. While Mourinho said he was ‘sure’ that his last job would not be at Manchester United, he also took time to praise the ‘special’ things going on at Paris Saint-Germain. This is basic stuff, and unless it goes on for longer than a few months, can be disregarded. Mourinho wants to stay, wants a new contract, wants more money and more control. How better to get it than remind everyone that if he wants to saunter into a new job, he only needs to get down to the Eurostar terminal and make his way to Paris.

Martin Samuel has heaved up some more guff onto his keyboard and pressed, ‘send,’ on his Gmail account. He thinks that a point at Liverpool is no good for United. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but Mourinho has only failed to win the league when up against the greatest side of all time in Barcelona, when his team is imploding, or when he doesn’t have the players he wants at his disposal. He has only once been overhauled, and that was by Alex Ferguson with Cristiano Roanldo at his disposal. Manchester City might well win the league this year, but let’s not forget everyone was saying exactly the same thing last season.

For Eurosport, an incredibly talented and handsome writer has said there’s no point freaking out of the draw at Anfield, because Mourinho knows what he’s doing more often than not, and this is how he approaches games. He needed a point, and he got one, in his opinion. The rest is NOMFuP.

Romelu Lukaku says that he doesn’t give an eff about the perception of him as a flat-track bully. Now, United will need plenty of that, and currently Lukaku is, but he is young enough to learn how to become something more special and ruthless than just that. He needs to improve, and if he is conscious of that then his attitude is no problem at all. As he is a hard-working and clever man, it seems inevitable he will get there.

Criticise Mourinho for selling Kevin De Bruyne, apparently, a man who needed several seasons to become anything like the player he is now. How does that work, exactly? Shall we have a go at Bolton for selling Marcos Alonso? Behave.

And lastly, Luke Shaw and his terrible haircut couldn’t even play well in the reserves. Next!