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Manchester United to offer Jose Mourinho new contract

Jose Mourinho should sign a contract renewal with Manchester United before the end of the season.

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League
I won’t stand up until you give me millions more.
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

As Mesut Ozil nears the exit at Arsenal, following some cack displays over the last, er, two and a half seasons, Inter Milan are interested in taking him away from London where they can give him his full £350,000 a week stipend. Manchester United have been linked with him of late, and he might be a cost-effective signing if they can get him relatively cheaply in the winter transfer to bulk out a team that will - ideally - be challenging on a few fronts. However, it might simply make sense to tap him up and get him for nothing in the summer.

Manchester United are also set to offer Jose Mourinho a new contract before the end of the season. Why, it’s almost as if the rumours about a move to Paris Saint-Germain or anywhere else were just a transparent attempt to get more money, and fair enough for that.

That’s what The Guardian seem to think, as they suggest that Mourinho wants a big pay rise to stay at Old Trafford. Given revenues have exploded at United and are set to rise for the foreseeable future, it’s not surprising that Mourinho would like his pound of flesh.

Defender of Luis Suarez’s racism, Kenny Dalglish, was honoured by Alex Ferguson over the weekend when Dalglish had some tribute or other about his time at Liverpool. Not sure why he’s stooping to that, but there you go.

Peter Schmeichel thinks that Mourinho’s style of play at United is ‘boring’ and that he should change how the side play. I’m not sure what Schmeichel thinks he really knows about winning matches beyond being a brilliant ‘keeper, and one who was happy to join United’s rivals after a jaunt in Portugal, but then again, it’s not like I’m any kind of authority on any subject at all, and that doesn’t stop me sounding off.