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Jose Mourinho: Defending is not a crime

The Manchester United manager has defended his team’s style.

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SL Benfica v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has complained that defending properly is now seen as a, ‘crime.’ This comes off the back of Manchester United’s Ferguson-tastic 1-0 away win against Benfica last night. It was full of dogged defending and relied upon a single piece of smart thinking as Marcus Rashford got the only goal of the game. Seen in context, Mourinho has made it plain he refuses to lose if he can avoid it, and want the three points by as fine a margin as makes sense.

Romelu Lukaku also went to console his fellow countryman Mile Svilar who made the error, at the end of the game against Benfica. Of course, this is pure evil from a side that deliberately tried to score goals against him despite the fact he is a teenager. Honestly, is there no depth to which Mourinho will not stop in his pursuit of victory? What a monster.

Mourinho has had a pop at those who, ‘cry and cry,’ about injuries. Apparently he was having a dig at Antonio Conte, but let’s not pretend Mourinho won’t also start bleating about anything and everything should it serve his purposes to do so.

United are getting pelters for targeting Benfica’s child goalkeeper with relentless pressure. I think the world has lost the run of itself if they’re getting bother for trying to exploit the weakness of their opponents in order to win. Julio Cesar was on the bench for Benfica, so there’s no need to pretend that the home side were forced into this.

Rashford and Phil Jones can be added to the injury list. Fortunately, United have games against Huddersfield and Swansea City, both of which should be manageable enough in the next week, so as long as they are back for the Spurs game, it should be no disaster.