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Jose Mourinho: Too early to call Manchester United title contenders

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho circumspect over his side’s title chances.

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Manchester United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
The absolute boy?
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Let’s enjoy some good news going into the international break and relive Manchester United battering Crystal Palace, not suffering anymore injuries, and for closing in on City’s goal difference with a comfortable victory.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho doesn’t think Manchester United miss Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba too much. United have coped well enough without him, and Nemanja Matic has improved with every game to cover for his absence. Marouane Fellaini’s goalscoring and Ander Herrera’s clogging have been enough to get them through some pretty easy games, but Mourinho might not be so confident when they start to play some of the better sides in the league, with a game against Liverpool up next.

Excitingly, Matic believes that United fans haven’t seen the best of him yet and that he has a way to go in order to improve. Every area of improvement is essential.

Romelu Lukaku is due in Los Angeles over a noise complaint. It’s a minor offence, so United have sent a club lawyer in his place. Given America is the most racist place in the world, it won’t be a surprise to see Lukaku given 30 years and threatened regularly on social media by Republicans.

Mourinho thinks that it is, ‘too early,’ to call United title contenders yet. He’s probably right, in that it’s too early to call anyone title contenders yet, but after the improvement shown against the utter cack that makes up much of the league these days, it would be a desperate shame if they can’t just park the bus against the best of on offer and grinds his way to a title challenge that way, if not a win.

And lastly, here’s something on Eric Harrison, Manchester United’s formative coach for the Class of ‘92, and his battle with dementia - it’s not a case that is limited to him alone.