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Facebook consider bid for Premier League rights

All your games are belong to us

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Cesc Fabregas, has admitted that it was he who threw the pizza that clobbered Alex Ferguson in the chops after Manchester United demolished Arsenal through diving and gamesmanship to deny them 50 consecutive unbeaten games. It’s nice to think of Rio Ferdinand, Martin Keown and others kicking the eff out of one another, and it’s something that football misses these days. It must have been one of Ferguson’s best days, an absolute Jose Mourinho scale dumping on someone’s dreams.

Edwin van der Sar has explained what made Cristiano Ronaldo a superior player to Wayne Rooney over the course of his career. It’s no shock, but Van der Sar talks about Ronaldo insisting that he was in goal for him to practise free kicks, and that off the field he spent more time training and taking care of himself. It really is noticeable just how few stories there were about Rooney’s commitment to training in order to improve rather than to just be fit for match day.

Belgium manager and chippy bloke Roberto Martinez has said that he won’t push Romelu Lukaku too hard, considering he took a knock, but he hopes that he will be involved in some form for the national team over the next week. Let’s hope that he and Marouane Fellaini feature for zero minutes.

The complicated talks over Arsenal’s ownership might be little more than a sidenote to Manchester United fans right now, but one should consider this: given how few top clubs are available for purchase, it might mean that United’s shares on the open market are underpriced, even if they are valued far more richly compared to the general stock market.

And, linked to that: Facebook won’t deny that they are interested in Premier League broadcast rights. While it’s a shame to see the Glazers profit, perhaps we should all form a group to hoover up what shares are currently available, and profit from the avarice they have perfected.