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Marcos Rojo returns to action for Manchester United

The Argentine defender is both from Argentina and close to full fitness.

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Ajax v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Final
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has said that there is no grudge between him and Rafael Benitez. Manchester United take on Newcastle this weekend as Mourinho’s side look to get back towards something like competence, and Benitez tries to settle into mid-table ahead of Newcastle’s takeover. There’s no longer any grudge because Benitez is simply operating in a different world to Mourinho, as much as they are both fighting against modern football.

An incredibly handsome and intelligent football blogger has discussed Benitez, and to some extent, Mourinho, for Yahoo Sports, and made the incredibly insightful observation that Benitez is under pressure against his old enemy Mourinho. The better he does now, the less funding he may end up receiving from current owner Mike Ashley. Add to that, his job may be in peril at the end of the transfer window, or even sooner, with a takeover approaching.

We know that Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba are due for a return to action this weekend. Ibrahimovic will give Romelu Lukaku a rest, and perhaps an alternative to the misfiring Henrikh Mkhitaryan. However, there’s also good news for the defence - Marcos Rojo is also close to a return after his serious injury. Bye, Phil Jones!

Manchester United continue to earn eff loads of cash, and would be a sensible addition to anyone’s retirement portfolio at these prices. In terms of actually supporting, managing or playing for them - meh, you can do better elsewhere. Nevertheless, we are all stuck with them. Sorry.

Ibrahimovic gets a mention as one of football’s king of cool. It says something when we are close to the return of Premier League football that we have to discuss things like this. Anyway, there are few people who know more about both football and being supa-dupa fly than Mr James Horncastle, so you should still take the chance to learn something from the man.