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Manchester United interested in Juventus striker Paulo Dybala

Yeah, go on.

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Russia vs Argentina - International Friendly
Pablo? Paulo? Paulo? Yeah...
Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

There is praise in The Telegraph, one of Britain’s many crumbling newspapers that are used to further the interests of billionaires, millionaires and racists, and racist billionaires and racist millionaires, has praise for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Jason Burt thinks that Ibrahimovic should be credited because he has recovered from a serious knee injury despite being 36 and having achieved almost everything you can in football.

Manchester United are apparently interested in Paulo Dybala, Juventus’s Argentinian striker. Dybala is undergoing the usual process of trying to negotiate a new contract, which means their will be weeks or months of rumours about a transfer to United, before they sign at their current club for a healthy raise, and protestations that they were never interested. Then, in three months, they mention discussions with agents that they were barely aware of. Then, in 18 months, they suggest that they could possibly join United.

Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and Marcos Rojo are in the squad to play Basle. Or rather, they have flown with the party of United staff and players to face off against Basle, who are coincidentally located in Basle. United need a point, or something, I dunno, to be sure of progressing to the next round.

Antoine Griezmann says that he has no regrets over rejecting a move to Manchester United in the summer. That’s a very nice sentiment, and it would be easily solved if he just joins United in the January transfer window. TBH, though, I think he’s going to PSG bceause of a story I’ve not yet sold anywhere.

Ander Herrera has defended Jose Mourinho’s playing style. It would be more use if he was able to improve his own playing style, pass forward, and try to be more constructive with the ball. He seems like a very nice man though. Fair enough.