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Manchester United target Eden Hazard transfer

The Chelsea forward is a target for Jose Mourinho

Huddersfield Town v Chelsea - Premier League
Definitely gonna happen
Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Dignity in football expands to new levels, as Sevilla have decided to charge £133 for tickets for the Spanish leg against Manchester United. Fans will continue to be shafted for as long as they tolerate it, or until governments step in. Let’s be honest, there is no chance that the governments of any country will ever step in to do anything helpful for normal people. Karl Marx wouldn’t stand for this.

Manchester United are interested in signing Eden Hazard from Chelsea. A figure of £90m has been mentioned, which is bizarrely low. Given Jose Mourinho and Hazard plainly fell out at Chelsea, and Hazard already rejected the chance to join United, this seems like a transfer which will never happen, also because Real Madrid will obviously offer far more money and be a much more attractive destination for Hazard. And, if Chelsea do have to sell, then they will hardly sell to a rival for the league.

Romelu Lukaku has agreed to reimburse the LA police for their callouts to his rented property over the summer, when he was making far too much noise. I am sure the police will, in future, similarly compensate people for the countless lives they ruin with their own actions.

There’s some criticism of Mourinho here, on ESPNFC, about how United are stuck in third gear with his current approach. It’s certainly true that given the poor performances against Liverpool and Chelsea - when the opposition looked vulnerable - give a sense of underperformance despite spending so much money over the last two seasons. Still, there are still some easy areas to improve so it’s too early to be downhearted just yet.

Do you miss those incredibly tedious stories of lower league managers buying fancy wine to impress Alex Ferguson? Well, you’re in luck, because Bristol City’s manager has done the same for Jose Mourinho.