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No action against Manchester United over tunnel brawl against City

Neither Manchester club will be punished for their post-derby scrap

Farmers Protest Over Milk Prices Photo by Patrik Stollarz/Getty Images

In terrible news for Manchester United, for the title race, and for the integrity of the English game, the Football Association has decided that Manchester City will not face an 11-point penalty for their part in the milk-soaked brawl that followed the Manchester derby.

In happier news, neither will United. The FA’s investigation has concluded that no action is required, despite the allegation of flying milk and the fact that City coach Mikel Arteta ended up with a cut on his head. Maybe he just happened to be walking past Nicolas Otamendi. Blood generally follows.

According to the BBC’s article, “sources from both clubs say that no punches were thrown”. The Guardian, meanwhile, reckon that “Each club believed the other to be culpable and it is thought the FA received contrasting accounts of what happened.” So it will all remain a mystery, until the autobiographies start to roll out. Then it will become an argument again. We can’t wait.