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Jesse Lingard is the greatest forward in the Premier League

Like Messi, only better.

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Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League
The absolute boy.
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Liverpool have denied the BBC the rights to do the radio commentary to their next European game, which you can take to be part of the increasing likelihood that Manchester United and other owners will start to take more control of their product. Reporting on teams is fractious at times, as clubs are currently weighing up whether negotiating for deals on any kind of coverage: written, radio and television/streaming, it s better done individually. It’ll screw smaller teams, but nobody really cares about that anymore. The Glazers will be watching with interest. Which, unhappily, is all they have given United.

Ander Herrera has warned Manchester City that United are going to hit their top form, ‘very soon,’ which is true. That time is probably when Paul Pogba returns to the line-up after his three-game suspension, which has royally effed up their chances for next week’s match. Expect Jose Mourinho to play nobody of note in their final Champions League game, and order 63 buses for the weekend.

According to The Mirror, Manchester United’s hopes of keeping David de Gea have been bolstered by Keylor Navas warning Real Madrid to not sign De Gea. I’m not sure how that makes any difference at all to what Real will do, but I’m just the messenger of this tat.

Martin Samuel and Graham Poll, two people never knowingly right, sound off at one another about whether or not Paul Pogba should have been sent off against Arsenal. The answer is: yes. So, I’ve saved you a click, and negated the point of putting in the link to read the article here.

And lastly, let’s all enjoy that Jesse Lingard is now one of the greatest forwards to grace Manchester United during any era, and the hottest talent in the world right now. He also annoys racists, which is great.