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Manchester United’s January Transfer Window Preview: 3 in, 3 out

We take a look at which United players might leave in January, and which new signings might replace them.

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

With the January transfer window soon upon us, let’s take a look at a few Manchester United players who might be leaving Old Trafford this winter, and a few players who might be trying to help the team surpass Manchester City for the Premier League title.


Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw is perhaps the greatest Manchester United tragedy of the last decade. He came from Southampton full of promise, ability, and pace, but injuries have seen him go from first-choice left-back to a marginal bench player. On a team starved for decent left-back play, the fact that José Mourinho sees him as fourth at the position should be a warning sign for the player. In fact, the next player on this list plays ahead of him despite the apparent gulf in talent.

Chance of leaving: 6/10

Potential Buyers: Newcastle, Southampton, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Matteo Darmian

Unlike Luke Shaw, Matteo Darmian has never quite fit in at Old Trafford, often playing out of his natural position and as a fringe option. Darmian is a good enough defender, but he severely lacks the skill to bring the ball forward on the flanks. His ability to cross the ball is also a bit suspect, but this is true of every left back fielded by United, save Ashley Young. Having only started two matches for José Mourinho this season, it would seem his exit is imminent. All in all, he is surplus to requirements on a team that needs a solid left back, which is not a good thing.

Chance of leaving: 7/10

Potential Buyers: Napoli, Juventus, and Roma.

Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini has had a positive impact on the 2017-2018 season, and he has proven to be a José Mourinho favorite. His contract situation is the main reason he’s found himself on this list. The Belgium midfielder has yet to renew with United, and the transfer rumor-mill is in full force. He is considered by many of the Old Trafford faithful to be an undisciplined brute of a midfielder and many will be happy to see him leave, but he has worked hard over the last year to at the very least earn supporters’ respect.

Chance of leaving: 7/10

Potential Buyers: Beşiktaş, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.


Danny Rose

This transfer has picked up steam in the last few weeks as Luke Shaw’s continued absence from the team and Rose’s apparent disinclination to continue at Tottenham seemed to have created the perfect storm for his signing. United will more than likely overpay for his services as Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is a tough negotiator. United will expect to pay upwards of £50m. Rose has proven to be a strong attacking defender, which should suit Mourinho.

Chance of signing for United: 6/10

Mesut Özil

Manchester United has two glaring needs going forward; a left winger and someone to occupy the number ten position. Özil is capable of playing both roles. He is a very creative forward and can certainly deliver a cross from the left. He has a history with José Mourinho, having played under him at Real Madrid, and his contract situation is very appealing to the Manchester United Board. He will be able to leave on a free transfer this summer, which means they could possibly buy him cheap from Arsenal in January.

Chance of signing for United: 8/10

Antoine Griezmann

Manchester United was very close to signing him away from Atlético Madrid this past summer, but Atlético’s transfer ban, and more importantly, their inability to replace him, kept the world-class forward from joining United. It is entirely possible that now that the ban has been lifted, he will honor his initial intentions of joining United. It seemed a certainty at the beginning of last summer but lately less so. Barcelona is also in the hunt for the player, and Griezmann has said that he favors the Spanish weather. Perhaps Agent P (Paul Pogba) will give another boost to this transfer in the coming months and persuade his longtime friend to join him. Griezmann would be the ideal candidate to take on the number seven shirt and take command of United’s forwards.

Chances of signing for United: 6/10