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Round-Up: Marouane Fellaini hints at Jamie Carragher being an effing cee

Marouane Fellaini slags off Jamie Carragher, United get a decent result, and Michael Owen struggles with two syllables and what they represent.

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AS Saint-Etienne v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Round of 32: Second Leg
Big Fell
Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Marouane Fellaini seems like an alright bloke, whatever misgivings you may (justifiably) have about him featuring so often for Manchester United. Here he is saying Jamie Carragher (who complained about foreigners not speaking English, and donated to the anti-immigrant Andy Burnham's Labour leadership campaign) was the 'champion of breaking legs.' Fellaini is correct. Carragher might be the best pundit Sky have at the moment, but he was a horribly unpleasant person on the pitch.

Jose Mourinho said that given the pitch last night, it was 'impossible to play better'. That's not really true, but we know what he means. Given he has an away goal and no obvious injuries during or after the match to deal with, he can be confident of progressing to the next round of the Europa League. With Lyon in prime position to knock out Roma, they are this close to becoming clear favourites for the title.

Mourinho is now weighing up how to juggle his players for the match on Monday against Chelsea in the FA Cup. Sacrificing the FA Cup makes sense, but a win against rivals (we hope) Chelsea would be a boost to morale after struggles in the league. Plus, three trophies in a season would recreate Liverpool's glorious treble season.

What may help Mourinho a little is that club's will get to use a fourth substitute should the game go to extra time - here's a look at the rules for the match.

And lastly, before we go: Michael Owen doesn't understand the word 'perfect'. Read his incredible insight on United's result against Rostov and praise us for our own alternative content. Yeah, content.