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Round-Up: He's our Judas now

Jose Mourinho is number one Judas, Ander Herrera lets United down again, and Marcos Rojo could be in trouble as well.

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Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final
Oh, dear
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

After a narrow defeat, with a depleted squad and with 10 men for much of the match, Jose Mourinho was understandably miffed about getting abuse from Chelsea fans. He hasn't helped himself by needling the club about their lack of European football and defensive style this season. However, there's clearly antipathy between the two parties and that is, objectively, a bit of a shame given the success they enjoyed together. He reminded them that 'Judas' was still their best ever manager. Anyway, he's our Judas now.

Mourinho also defended Paul Pogba as the best player on the pitch last night. The criticism of Pogba is getting fairly tedious. He's gone from an excellent Juventus to a United who are still largely mediocre. At 23, he's not yet quite ready to dominate football matches like this. Give him a year before worrying.

While Mourinho is clearly excellent, and quite funny, it remains tedious when he - or anyone else - goes on about the referee at the end of the match. Michael Oliver is clearly absolutely useless at his job, but United lost because they just aren't good enough yet.

Ander Herrera has, on occasion, been the best midfielder for United for the past two seasons. He runs plenty, and has chipped in with goals when in forward position. However, he dives and does get sent off for being a reckless clown too often. He's 27 - it's time to grow up and focus on being effective.

And, after getting away with a number of two-footed tackles this season, Marcos Rojo might be in bother for stamping on Eden Hazard. I mean, it's all well and good being a tough side, and a bit dirty, but stamps? Eric Cantona would never.