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Manchester United vs Rostov 2017 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch Europa League online

It's the second leg of the Europa League, and it's probably the last competition that United can actually win. So, let's get continental.

Liverpool v Sevilla - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

I-ropa League. You-ropa League. He, she, and it-ropa Leagues. They-ropa League. We all-ropa League!

Manchester United's march towards the most accessible Champions League qualifying spot European glory continues this evening as Russia's FC Rostov come to Old Trafford for the second leg of the last 16. The tie is balanced nicely at 1-1, though United of course have the away goal in hand and will be favourites to progress.

But while the opposition might not be the most glamorous, we're set for another fascinating chapter in the season's most intriguing question: who the hell is Jose Mourinho going to pick? As ever, the answer is likely to be:

Certainly Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Probably Paul Pogba. Hopefully Henrkh Mkhitaryan. And then ... [shrug].

We don't even really know what shape we're going to get. Mourinho, for so long a devotee of a back four, picked a back three for the first game against Rostov. Then, against Chelsea, he briefly tried a kind of 5-Phil Jones!-2-2, until Ander Herrera and Michael Oliver ruined everything.

Whoever he picks, and however he arranges them, there are a few players that could do with having a decent game. This aspect of tBB thought that Paul Pogba was fine against Chelsea when United had 11 players, and doesn't see much value in blaming him for what came afterwards, but Mourinho's strident defence of his midfielder suggests that not all is entirely well.

Beyond Pogba, Ander Herrera could do with demonstrating that he isn't a totally brainless clown, Marcus Rashford could do with a goal, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, sacrificed on Monday to the gods of ultimately futile pragmatism, could do with scoring a hat-trick. Admittedly, that last point is more for our benefit than his. But come on. Work with us here, United.


When: 20:05 UK, 15:05 on the east coast, 12:05 on the west

Where: Old Trafford, Manchester

Television: BT Sport 2 in the UK (or BT Sport 4K UHD, whatever the hell that is). Over in the US, you'll want Fox Sports 1. Everybody else, have a nose at livesoccertv.

Streaming: BT Sport's streaming service has you covered here, as does Fox Soccer 2GO.

This will also be our Live Thread for the game, so share your thoughts as the action unfolds in the comments section.