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Manchester United are coming to America this summer

The Red Devils are playing five games in five cities in the USA in July.

Manchester United announced today that the club will be returning to the USA for a preseason tour in July. Jose Mourinho’s men will play five games in five cities. Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Santa Clara, and Washington, D.C. have been confirmed, with the final city yet to be announced. Following reports that Mourinho prefers to be based on the West Coast, it looks likely that United will set up their training base somewhere in the Southern California area.

Chairman Ed Woodward had this to say.:

“Visiting North America will give the team the best possible preparation for the new season, using top-class training facilities and playing in some great stadiums.

We have witnessed first-hand the passion and support for the club in the US in recent years, so naturally it is something that everybody is very much looking forward to this summer.”

Translation: $$$$$.

Further details with regards to specific venues, tickets, and opposition should be announced in the coming days, so those of us minded to pay a small fortune to watch millionaires get into shape will be able to get cracking on our summer travel plans.