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Round-Up: Manchester United to play Real Madrid and Barcelona

Manchester United will play Real Madrid and Barcelona this summer, Bastian Schweinsteiger is still leaving, and Phil Jones has toe-gah!

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Manchester United v Real Madris Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Manchester United are going to serve up some content for brand consumers in America this summer, where they play in Barcelona and Real Madrid in a pre-season tournament. Give United your money and give your life meaning.

Alex Ferguson has taken time out from being a lackey for the Glazers and talked up the possibility of Europa League success. He points out United have never won the tournament (he won the Cup Winners' Cup and the Champions League in his time at Old Trafford), and that it rewards them with a Champions League place for next season, if they're successful.

Jogi Low says he thinks United should have kept Bastian Schweinsteiger for the end-of-season run-in. It's a fair point, but given Mourinho doesn't rate him, and there's enough players to make a fist of the run of games. But it does seem weird that if he was actually any good, that he'd have joined a team as poor as Chicago Fire. Maybe his fitness problems really are now that bad.

Here is Schweinsteiger thanking Wayne Rooney and his fitness coach at United, and he does seem like an exceptionally happy bloke. That we missed out on seeing him feature for United much, because of fitness, injury and Louis van Gaal, is a bit of a shame, really.

Phil Jones might have broken his toe. With any luck he won't play another game for United, and the only problem about the injury is that it means Chris Smalling will play more games. We can only help for some proper defenders this summer.