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Please Be Real: Manchester United’s Rumored 2017-2018 Third Kit

Oh dear.

Like this, but worse.

We’ve already gotten a look at next season’s home kit. Now, an image of Manchester United’s rumored third kit for 2017-2018 has been doing the rounds on Twitter, and it has to be seen to be believed. 101 Great Goals (we know, we know) has the goods:

The color scheme is actually quite decent, and it’s the first time that United will have had a grey kit since the infamous cursed third kit of 1995-1996. But it’s not the color scheme that is notable, but at the bottom of the shirt. It is what appears to be an outline of Old Trafford, and a silhouette of the Denis Law, Bobby Charlton, and George Best statue, but a version made out of Plasticine.

Christ on a bike, that is bad. So bad, that we should all light a prayer candle for it to be true. Third kits are cynical money-making ploys anyway, so the least that Adidas can do is create one purely for the #banter.

This Neymar buyout cause isn’t going to pay itself, David!

Words hurt, Kamp. Words hurt.

What say you, tBB readers? Ready to place your orders for this new kit with GRIEZMANN 7 NEYMAR 10 Darmian 36 on the back?