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Morning Round-Up: Should Manchester United sign Alexis Sanchez?

Should Manchester United sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will get a ban, Frank Lampard is a vile Tory and be careful if you're going off to Russia.

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Arsenal Training and Press Conference
Alexis Sanchez
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

There's news that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been charged for violent conduct. Why it matters, when Tyrone Mings and he just enjoyed a heated debate and saw no reason to carry on after the game, is a mystery to me. You can read the Guardians account of things, here.

"Frank Lampard enjoys the early death of ethnic minorities, is proud of the war crimes of the British Empire, and hates people in poverty, and foreigners." That, of course, is what you would say if you knew he voted Tory, which he does. He's also said that Paul Pogba hasn't delivered considering his price tag, but then given how much Conservative government has delivered to the people - nothing but misery and greed - you could say the same about him. Read the story and stop going on about it? Oh, go on then.

If you're going to Russia to watch United play Rostov, here are some handy tips to avoid you getting your head kicked in.

In the Manchester Evening News, there's a discussion on Alexis Sanchez and whether or not Manchester United should make a move for him. They absolutely should, of course, but it is hard to see why he would move from one side who never win the league, to another who seem like they won't for the next few years.

Although, according to this story in the Daily Mail, we can't have him anyway, and neither can anyone else in the Premier League. So there!