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It's a three-match ban for Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Manchester United's talismanic striker will miss United's next three domestic games, including the visit to Chelsea.

Manchester United v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

So it turns out that elbowing people in the head is naughty behaviour after all, even if your victim had just tried to stamp on your head.

Manchester United have accepted the charge of violent conduct laid against Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and so the Swedish striker will sit out United's next three domestic fixtures: the FA Cup game against Chelsea this coming weekend, then league games against Southampton and Middlesbrough.

In the immediate future, this means he's almost certain to start against Rostov in the Europa League. It also means that he might get a chance to have a bit of a rest in between times.

And in his absence? We think Marcus Rashford is favourite to slot in up front, which might turn United into a quicker team and increase their counter-attacking potential. Useful against Chelsea, perhaps; not so much against Boro. The alternatives are Anthony Martial, which might be fun, or Wayne Rooney, which would be a little underwhelming. Give one of the kids their shot, Jose. You know you want to.

As for Tyrone Mings, apparently Bournemouth intend to challenge the FA's position that his head-stamp deserves more than a standard three-game ban. Nice position to take, that. "He stamped on his head, yes. But not in a really bad way."