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Hirving Lozano keen on Manchester United transfer

Hirving Lozano wants to join Manchester United and Antoine Griezmann does not want to join Real Madrid. Wahey!

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Iceland v Mexico
Hirving Lozano
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann could sign a new contract with Atletico Madrid, one that would take his wages to £180,000 a week and move his release clause to £130m. It's hard to believe this will happen unless Griezmann actually wants to stay at the club, and even then, it might be that this new release clause is simply a way for the club and player to agree a quicker exit this summer. You can read about this here.

There's more positive news here, with a story that Griezmann has ruled out a move to Real Madrid. Of course, it's not worth writing it off yet, and it would be foolish of Griezmann to set fire to a bridge before he's even come to it, but there are more equivocal answers he could have given.

Hirving Lozano was close to joining United in the summer according to some reports, and the young striker has suggested that he'd still be keen to join this summer. United have occasionally dabbled in the South American market, but only Javier Hernandez and Rafael Da SIlva have been successful for the club. Could this guy be any good? [Edit - I should have course made the differentiation between Mexico and Brazil being in different regions, as Mexico could more accurately be described as in Central or North America. Apologies.]

Jose Mourinho says that United will continue to fight for a top four position. It seems unlikely, but if they can put one over City and negotiate their fixtures with enough stalemates against the top four, they can still squeak by. The lack of certainty means that United still need to take Anderlecht seriously this week.

The unbelievably tedious, bemulleted Antonio Conte says that Chelsea will go to United and try to win. As well they should, they are far better than United are at the moment, and are close to having May off with a few more victories.

And lastly, Romelu Lukaku is one of Mourinho's potential replacements for Ibrahimovic should he leave this season.