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Adnan Januzaj wants to stay in the Premier League

Manchester United bask in glory, and Adnan Januzaj wants to stay in the Premier League.

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West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Adnan Januzaj wants to stay in England when he leaves Manchester United in the summer. He's failed to impress at both United and Sunderland in the Premier League, and at Dortmund last year, so maybe he'll give the Championship a go. There's clearly a player there, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal up top.

The Mirror thinks that United put on their best display of the season against Chelsea. It's hard to disagree, but the most important thing is that this isn't just a flash of form, but the platform to play like that most weeks. If they do, they can get top four, and more than that next season. If they don't, then the players and Jose Mourinho have failed.

After a poor season, Ander Herrera showed the player that he can be. He had tactical and positional discipline, and he didn't go around clattering people with stupid fouls. If he manages to keep that up, then he's worth keeping. The player he usually is though, isn't much better than a Spanish Marouane Fellaini (who, to be fair, was also decent yesterday).

Here's a look at the tactics used by United yesterday. It's hard to see why it's such a tactical masterclass, it's more just common sense about how to play with limited resources against a more dangerous side. United, just as they did under Louis van Gaal, are much improved when they play on the break.

And, as there isn't really any news today, here's a look at five things from United's victory. I suppose if you are going to be bereft of news, at least there's a positive result to dwell on.

Lastly, there's been a few complaints about including the Sun in the round-ups. Now, they are clearly a horrendous bunch, but they nevertheless have the best sources in football when it comes to United. I'm only asking for when I do these, not for anyone else, but please vote below and say what you think, and unless they have the inside track on the end of the world, for example, I'll steer clear if you want.


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