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VIDEO: Fracas at the end of United’s 1-1 draw with Celta Vigo sees Bailly sent off

Face-clawing! Shoving! Shouting! It’s like professional wrestling, but without the spandex.

Manchester United v Celta Vigo - UEFA Europa League - Semi Final Second Leg Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Manchester United were all set to see out another dull, done-just-barely-enough result to see themselves through to the Europa League final, but some late drama changed the narrative completely. After a strong tackle, Eric Bailly lashed out Celta Vigo’s John Guidetti, striking him in the face. Antonio Valencia pushed him as well, and - naturally - Guidetti went down like a sack of horse manure.

Facundo Roncaglia then got involved as well, and the eventual result was that both him and Bailly were given red cards. It’s not yet clear what was said to provoke such a strong reaction from Bailly, but United will now be without their best defender for the Europa League final.