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Jose Mourinho hopes David de Gea will stay at Manchester United

Everyone's complaining.

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Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final
I might stay. OK.
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho is going to field an even weaker side against Crystal Palace than he did against Southampton last night. Demetri Mitchell, Axel Tuanzebe, Eric Bailly and Scott McTominay should all start. Matty Willock, Josh Harrop and Zachary Dearnley will all feature too, and Paul Pogba may play after not training following the death of his father. Mourinho wanted the game moved, as neither United nor Palace have anything else to play for, but with that not an option, United are just going to miss it as best they can.

United showed just how badly they can play when they have a reserve side, and when that reserve side doesn't care, against Southampton last night. The only worry about resting the players for such a long period of time is that they might suffer from enforced rustiness. We'll see.

In the Telegraph, Paul Hayward has written plenty on Wayne Rooney facing up to what could well be the end of his career. There's no point having a great deal of sympathy for Rooney. Yes, he's run a great deal and played out of position for United, but nobody forced him to booze and smoke away his body. Nor did they suggest he forget how to control the ball, pass, or shoot.

Mourinho is hopeful that David de Gea will stay at the club this summer. If United fail to qualify for the Champions League, then we can write off any chances of retaining him, because his talent deserves to actually win more than a couple of meaningful titles.

Here's Graeme Souness complaining about tiredness in modern football, specifically at United. Souness was an absolutely brillant player, one that United could do with now. But he was an exceptionally turd manager and it's probably not worth listening to anything he says beyond their amusement value.