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Juan Mata optimistic ahead of Europa League match

Juan Mata has played down talk of fatigue ahead of the Europa League final.

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Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League
Juan Mata
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

It seems that Antoine Griezmann will be joining Manchester United providing they win the Europa League this week. That, anyway, is what we can probably take from his interview on French television saying that he was '6/10' to join the club in the next couple of weeks. You can read about how he might fit into the first team in this blog on the Mirror.

Juan Mata has said that despite the heavy schedule of games for United this season, the players won't feel the fatigue. That's because, according to him, problems with fitness aren't felt in games like the Europa League final. Yes, you can tell, it is indeed a very slow news day.

There will be 10,000 Manchester United fans without tickets in Stockholm for the Europa League final against Ajax tomorrow night. There's not really anything to say about that, it's just a really slow news day. In fact, it's such a slow news day I'm going to repeat that it's a slow news day in order to make up for the lack of words available, due to it being a slow news day.

Mata, no longer on the naughty step and now one of the longest-serving members of the United squad, has praised Jose Mourinho. Yes, that's right, there's so little news on this slow news day, that I'm linking two different things said by Mata, but not on the same site.

And, finally - which means lastly - there is a story on ESPNFC. ESPN are a sports media company who are owned by Disney. Their letters have a Walt Disney stamp on them. All this is a way to creep towards 300 words. With 20 words to go, I can now exclusively reveal that ESPNFC have a story about how Ajax could cause trouble for Manchester United.