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It’s time for Luke Shaw to prove himself.

It’s now or never for United’s talented young full-back.

Manchester United v RSC Anderlecht - UEFA Europa League Quarter Final: Second Leg Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

If there's one word to describe Luke Shaw's entire tenure at Manchester United, it should be chaotic. This writer believes that word is as good as any, really.

It hasn't been an easy ride for anybody involved in this transfer: United, the supporters, the managers that had to work with him and Shaw himself. Injuries, poor fitness and underwhelming performances have been a constant throughout Luke's career at Old Trafford and this last season, after recovering from a broken leg, was supposed to be his chance to make up for lost time.

It wasn't, by any means. Not even close.

Shaw opened the season as a starter but a combination of defensive mishaps and injuries, plus perhaps a little too much of Mourinho's tough love, eventually granted him a special place at United’s bench and sometimes not even making the bench.

And you want to know the worst part of it? That was probably a good thing. Love him or hate him or being just downright indifferent to him, Matteo Darmian was solid on the defensive aspects of the left full-back position and Shaw was never consistent enough to warrant a place in the starting eleven.

But it seems things could be going upwards for young Luke: recent news report that Shaw would be given another chance to prove himself this next season and considering he would be able to perform on the pre-season without major issues (he’s still recovering from an injury, but should be good to go for the pre-season), it’s his time to seize this opportunity (again).

This writer thinks he speaks for the vast majority of United fans when he says the most common and communal feeling among us supporters is that of frustration regarding Shaw, not only because of him underperforming, but also because of the sheer bad luck the lad had for the last couple of seasons (especially that painful chapter with Hector Moreno that cost him that season).

In the end, great players become great players because of the support they got from a lot of people, but mainly because they persisted in dire times. And Luke, my mate, these are definitely some fucking dire times. Time to shine, Lukey lad.

What do you make of Mourinho’s decision of giving Luke Shaw another chance? Should United be on the market for another left-back? Does Shaw deserve another chance? Do my feet stink? Find out this and more in this article’s comment section!