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Manchester United consider Joe Hart as David de Gea replacement

Manchester United could sign a complete tool to play in goal

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The Mirror asks if United should consider offering David de Gea in part-exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo. It would certainly help the transfer go through, and while De Gea is much younger, it makes a certain kind of sense. United are a better side with Jack Butland and Ronaldo in the team than they are with De Gea and Alvaro Morata. The question is whether or not the two seasons you get out of Ronaldo would make it a justifiable swap. Given United's dreadful state in attack and defence, it could go either way.

WAIT. IGNORE THAT. If United get Butland to replace De Gea, then that's fine. He's solid and dependable. But the Telegraph seem to believe that United are after the world's most appalling goalkeeper, Joe Hart. Hart cannot save to his left, and he is a frightful bellend on the pitch, all look-at-me anger. If this comes to pass, we should all support Chelsea where there is more dignity.

Here's an interesting story in the Mail, saying that Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho almost came to blows. They have a fractious history, but they also delivered Real's first title in yonks by working together. They both would benefit from working together. He and United would both get goals, and Mourinho would get a shot at the title again.

United have also been linked with Gianluigi Donnarumma. His agent is Mino Raiola, so you do the math. But beyond that, he seems to fit the De Gea archetype as young, tall and elastic. If they have Sergio Romero has back up though, it's a risk that doesn't seem worth taking.

And lastly, Mark Ogden at ESPNFC says we all need to keep calm about Ronaldo arriving. He's right, there's plenty else to be sorted out and OH MY GOD RONALDO.