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Manchester United target Andrea Belotti, Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata

Manchester United move on to new striking targets now Antoine Griezmann looks set to stay at Atletico Madrid

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Granada CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga
Who's this guy?
Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

There is one slightly positive bit of news from the failed bid for Antoine Griezmann. It's happened early, and United haven't missed out on any of the possible replacements for his position. Gareth Bale, for example, is potentially available this summer, and the money can be spent elsewhere on the team if necessary to bring in improvements across the team.

And... with Atletico Madrid's transfer ban now upheld, it seems as if Alexandre Lacazette is once again available. Lacazette was presumably bought in anticipation of Griezmann joining United this summer, and now that appears to be over for Atletico, United are rumoured to be next in the queue. It skips a couple of years of faff, I suppose, and he is meant to be the ess.

The Daily Mail believes a lot of things. It believes foreigners are pure evil, and that home prices constitute a religion. They are wrong about that, obviously, and they are a vile rag. But their sports journalism can be pretty good. Let's hope so, anyway, as they believe that United are moving their attention to Andrea Belotti, Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata. It doesn't really matter if United get Griezmann or someone else of similar quality (which, yes, probably rules out Lukaku).

A little further down the pecking order is Ryan Sessegnon. Manchester United are apparently interested in the Fulham child. It is impossibly difficult to get excited about the nature of football these days, basically going ever further down the age range in the scramble for talent. It demeans us all and we probably will keep watching anyway.

And, lastly, Bryan Robson has said that Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez is the right type of player for United. He is, kind of, but he is certainly excellent. Persuading him to move from London to Manchester might not be easy, though.