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What happens next for Jose Mourinho?

What could happen to Jose Mourinho after accusations of tax fraud?

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Ajax v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Final
I ain't saying nothing
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Manchester United are finally going to buy Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems as if the whole saga will drag on for the whole summer. There are huge amounts of money and deals to be completed, but this massive saga will draw our attention for months. This could go down to the wire, just as it has for many summers between United, Real, and other players. Oh, no, wait. Florentino Perez has spoken and Ronaldo has cheered up an awful lot. That's probably for the best, if the other option was two months of torture.

Robert Lewandowski is apparently struggling at Bayern Munich. It is, in truth, not obvious that he was having such a hard time, as he has scored roughly three billion goals for Bayern so far. However, United have been linked with him in the past, and he has made it clear behind the scenes on a couple of occasions that he would consider joining United. Chelsea are also interested in the striker.

Here's a breakdown of what Jose Mourinho might be facing now that he has been accused of tax fraud. No charges have been brought, and Mourinho has produced various documents via his agency to deny the accusations, but let's be honest - unless you're a tax lawyer, we're gonna have no idea either way.

And here is a list of players that could be interesting United this summer. Kylian Mbappe is the standout name, but Marco Verratti would be the most suitable. However, even though he is throwing a strop about not going back to Paris, United are likely to lose out to Juventus.

Anthony Martial, after a summer of disappointment, needs to up his game this summer should he wish to remain at United for the longer term. ESPN have something on that subject, which you can read here.