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Manchester United face obstacles in getting rid of Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney could yet remain at Manchester United for another season.

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Ajax v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Final
Yours for £810
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According to this story, the best option for Wayne Rooney is to remain at Manchester United. Well, yes, probably. He gets a million a month before tax, plus the associated sponsorship benefits of playing for one of the three biggest clubs in the world. However, he will never play more than a handful of games unless he performs a remarkable comeback to his dreadful, seven-year decline in form, and if there is literally nobody else left able to put on the pitch, including the kit man. It may be best for Rooney despite all that, but United still need to find a way to bin him as soon as possible.

The Telegraph have helpfully ranked all of Rooney's seasons at United. It starts off well, then tails off for the majority of his time at United. What an incredible waste of an at-times barely credible talent.

Nightmare. The Chinese Super League have introduced a 100% tax on sides buying foreign players. Having said that, if Rooney is fairly valued by United - and they do want rid of him - then it is worth remembering that 100% of zero is zero.

After rumours of possible interest from Chelsea and United yesterday, Bayern Munich have issued a threat to any club who transgresses in their pursuit of the striker. Given the predilection for handing out transfer bans recently, it's best to play on the safe side of things here.

Speaking of transfer bans, United and Chelsea are battling out for a child, as 16 year old Daishawn Redan of Ajax is being chased by both teams. There's something pretty miserable about the race to the bottom when it comes to young players, who don't necessarily have the experience or advice to best make use of their talents. Will it stop? Will it eff.