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Manchester United set to sign Nemanja Matic

The Chelsea midfielder will soon be reunited with former manager Jose Mourinho.

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Serbia v Wales - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
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Manchester United are expecting to sign Nemanja Matic in the coming days. The fee should be £40m, representing a profit for Chelsea, and the 28-year-old should be the medium-term replacement for Michael Carrick. The deal could be held up by Jose Mourinho attending his father Felix's funeral. Tiemoue Bakayoko will likely now join Chelsea, who no longer have a need for Matic - the player was unable to regularly unseat Cesc Fabregas last season.

In other transfer news, Manchester United have been linked with Harry Kane. The figure mentioned is £100m, which strikes me as a touch cheap. He's youngish, English, and proven that he scores from chances that he creates by himself - something that is needed in a Mourinho team that isn't as committed to freeflowing attacking players as some of their rivals.

However, Spurs have told United to do one, claiming Kane is worth closer to £200m quid. You would have to say in this market that Daniel Levy isn't being that ridiculous.

The Daily Mail thinks that Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic face a wait for their options, with their future remaining undecided for some time. Conceivably, both of them could play for United again if they don't find someone in China or America to give them a job, but Mourinho has put Alvaro Morata at the top of his wishlist. Real Madrid's desire for David de Gea is complicating things, though - perhaps that's why Mourinho is having a nibble at Kane now.

Mourinho has posted on Instagram a photo of his father when junior Mourinho was a boy. An almost uniformly miserable experience, but perhaps it is a reason why he has struggled to shake his funk for most of last season.

And just in case you were confident we were free of all that jazz: Cristiano Ronaldo has still note decided his future.