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Waynefest 2017: Our favorite (non-goal) Rooney memories

Off the pitch, Rooney was often a joy as well.

As we continue to look back on Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United career, we should remember not just the goals, and the moments of magic on the pitch. Outside of the pitch, Rooney was often an entertainer as well. Here are some of our favorite non-goal-scoring Rooney memories.

Getting sparked out by Phil Bardsley; Making light of it in a goal celebration

One of the few moments of joy that Rooney provided in the final third of his Manchester United career.

He was already mostly rubbish by this point, but he still made us laugh.

Taking the piss out of Sir Alex Ferguson

The cheeky bugger.

His acting skills

An accomplished athlete, and a fine thespian.

His Twitter account, 2010-2013

Before his PR handlers took over control of his social media, and made it just as bland as most other athlete accounts, Rooney’s Twitter feed was a thing of pure, unfiltered beauty.

He was one of us.

He had such a way with words.

One time he offered his mate a lift to work.

He took the piss out of human cesspool Piers Morgan after United signed Arsenal’s best player for peanuts (and then won the league with him).

And this. The stuff of Twitter legend.

What are some of your favorite off-the-pitch Rooney memories? Let us know in the comments.