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Manchester United scale down transfer targets amid high valuations.

‘There’s no value in the market’

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You can take this with a pinch of salt. Jose Mourinho has said that United will not be held to ransom over players, and that he only wants one more player this summer if it’s too difficult to bring two more in. He says transfer fees have gone over the top, and he won’t act like some other clubs do with their profligacy. In truth, it’s not his money, he just wants the players, and there is absolutely no reason for him to care about how much players cost. He gives Ed Woodward the list, and it is up to Woodward to deliver, not Mourinho and his concept of value. He is not, unlike Alex Ferguson, beholden to the Glazers for whatever ulterior motive their may have been.

Manchester United and Chelsea fans are acting like the biggest tools in football, as they argue whether Alvaro Morata or Romelu Lukaku is better, with each side taking the opposite side of the argument as they might have anticipated. It really is a pathetic old carry-on, and it’s one you’re free to continue in the comments section.

Antonio Valencia apologised for his red card the other day, saying ‘the boy wound me up. It won’t happen again.’ Given it was a tackle only worthy of a yellow card, it’s a demonstration of how ludicrous football has gotten that it remains a talking point.

Mourinho has given Lukaku his first bit of encouragement/standard Mourinho dig, saying that he still has much to prove in football, and given Mourinho’s past performances, we should expect this to work for two seasons before Lukaku turns on him and the whole squad force their manager out. Get ready, Andre Villas Boas.

And lastly, Inter Milan have now changed their tactics to demand Anthony Martial as part of the Ivan Perisic deal. Get it done.