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Jose Mourinho wants two more Manchester United signings

However, United’s manager may have to settle for one.

Manchester United v Real Salt Lake Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Things seem very quiet on the Manchester United transfer front at the moment, but if Jose Mourinho is telling the truth, that’s not for the lack of wanting. Speaking ahead of United’s friendly against Barcelona, Mourinho indicated that he would like two more players — a midfielder and an attacker — but suspects that he’ll only get one.

I would like two more players but probably I get only one [...] one would be a midfield player that would give me more options, more balance to the team, to our needs. Other one, an attacking player, especially that can play through the wings, to give me also more attacking options.

He did also say he was happy with his squad, however, so he’s not quite tearing his hair out. And speaking of hair, you can watch the video of these comments over on the Guardian. If you do ... has Mourinho dyed his hair blond? Or has he just caught the sun?