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Wayne Rooney was on a treadmill

The Manchester United striker was filmed doing the bare minimum.

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Wayne Rooney, has been pictured this summer looking exactly not like Cristiano Ronaldo several times, has had been caught in a video showing him on a treadmill. In this episode, which is definitely not a desperate, stage-managed attempt to deflect criticism after several terrible years, where he can't control the ball, pass, tackle, head, shoot, or run fast, is a pathetic business all around. If United fail to shift him then it would now be counterproductive to let him anywhere near the first team. He's a dreadful example to everyone about what to do with your career, and it is not unfair to say that Ed Woodward probably deserves the sack for his abominable handling of the whole, sorry episode.

There's a blog on the Guardian wondering where Mesut Ozil might end up. Given he is essentially a less interesting Juan Mata, with less consistency and less goal threat, a move to United seems unlikely, but there is a healthy degree of respect between Jose Mourinho and Ozil since their time together at Real Madrid. And, let's be realistic, anything to wind up Arsene Wenger.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to have confirmed his exit from United in a post on a social media site. I assume Instagram, but I haven't checked. Only you can end the frisson of anticipation by clicking on the link and finding out the details here.

In the Indie is a story about Renato Sanches being caught in limbo at the top, having failed to crack Bayern Munich. Mourinho and Sanches share an agent, and with United yet to actually sign Nemanja Matic, it is worth considering who else could be a feasible option in midfield.

And lastly, Mourinho wants to keep hold of Matteo Darmian, who is attracting interest from Inter Milan. Given Darmian was essentially adequate for much of the second half of last season, it is perhaps unwise to dispose of him with plenty of other changes to the team planned.