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Manchester United “poised” to complete Nemanja Matic deal — reports

Things are possibly about to start happening! Jose Mourinho will be delighted.

Serbia v Wales - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
Here’s how Matic looks in red.
Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Amazing the way things work, isn’t it? On Saturday, a story appeared in the Mirror detailing Jose Mourinho’s “frustration” with United’s hierarchy and their apparent inability to complete deals for Ivan Perisic and Nemanja Matic. Lo and behold, this Sunday morning brings us the news that United are “poised” to complete the signing of the latter.

Could all be a massive coincidence, of course, but we’re feeling conspiratorial. Anyway, according to the Guardian:

Manchester United are poised to complete the purchase of Nemanja Matic from Chelsea [...] Juventus are also keen on Matic but the midfielder prefers a move to Old Trafford to link up again with Mourinho. Talks between United and Chelsea over a fee have taken some time, with the clubs initially substantially apart over the price.

And the cost?

Chelsea had set their sights on receiving £50m and it is not yet clear what the fee will be for the 28-year-old. They were particularly keen to drive a hard bargain with United after missing out to them over the signing of Romelu Lukaku.


So, opinions on Matic? For this particular aspect of tBB’s money, this is an extremely unexciting signing but possibly a very important one. One, Mourinho likes and knows him, and apparently the feeling’s mutual. Two, he’s a definite upgrade on any other defensive destroyer knocking around United’s squad. And three, Premier League titles are won by exciting players but also by boring ones. Matic, we note, has two titles in three years.

Can’t imagine he’s going to shift that many shirts, mind.