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Manchester United agree fee for Romelu Lukaku

Everton and United have reached a mutually convenient number, so says the press.

Everton v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Sixth Round Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

There are weeks when nothing happens, and then there are days when weeks happen. That was Lenin, talking about the transfer market. And he was right: Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United progressed from suggestion to story in the space of an evening, and now we’re at the FEE AGREED stage.

What is that fee? £75m, according to literally everybody. Here's the BBC, since they're the least likely to take a ridiculous punt:

Manchester United have agreed a fee of around £75m with Everton for striker Romelu Lukaku. United, who have been chasing Lukaku for most of the summer, will not now be pursuing their interest in Real Madrid's Alvaro Morata. The move for Lukaku is not connected to talks aimed at taking United forward Wayne Rooney to Everton.

And there we were, expecting a nice quiet day. Maybe a little bit of movement on the Morata front, maybe a chance to keep half an eye on the cricket. Instead, at this rate, United will have signed Neymar by teatime. Don't blink.