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Hang on! Lukaku deal may not be done

In an unprecedented development, it appears that a transfer deal involving Manchester United may not be quite as straightforward as reported.

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Hold your jets and cool your horses. This morning's Romelu Lukaku excitement may not be quite as exciting as it appeared. According to various sources, including notably the Everton correspondent of the Liverpool Echo, things aren't quite at the FEE AGREED stage:

Doesn't mean the deal is dead, of course. But if the two sides of the deal are briefing different things, then it's not quite the slam dunk that this morning's reports were implying. TBB is considering a formal pivot back to our original position, which was that this is a ruse designed to give both Chelsea and Real Madrid the hurry-up.

However, we're starting to get the Creeping Woodward Dread: what if he manages to muck both deals up? Like the fable of the dog that looked down into the pond, saw his reflection holding what looked like a much juicier bone, opened his mouth to fight for it, and lost the one he was carrying. But, like, with footballers. Imagine how angry Jose Mourinho would be. He'd frown his own face off.