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Romelu Lukaku praises relationship with Marcus Rashford

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku is pleased with his ‘special’ relationship with Marcus Rashford.

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Manchester United v West Ham United - Premier League
United celebrate.
Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Henrikh Mkhitaryan thinks that Manchester United are ready for a title challenge after beating West Ham. Mkhitaryan was both a hope and a disappointment last season. He was able to pull off incredible moments intermittently, and then at other times was simply disappeared into wan ineffectiveness. An increase in consistency is needed and if he doesn’t deliver, this is probably his final season at Old Trafford.

The Premier League could take a sensible but disruptive move, as they consider setting up their own transfer deadline that would be enforced before the end of the UEFA one. There is something to be said for getting all transfers sorted before the start of the season, because the first month in played in an awkward, uncertain and incredible dull limbo.

Incredibly talented super-boffins at PwC, who are probably litigious over their practices, have cunningly noticed a phenomenon called, ‘inflation,’ and have made a startling prediction. They believe that in just over a decade, £100m transfers will become the norm. Well, if you take £50m and add 5% a year to it, you can see why this is really a towering work of stunning intellect to work it all out.

This is a clickbait video which is being used in order to flesh out this blog, because not much at all is happening until we play again. It’s about why Nemanja Matic decided to join United, and I’m not going to click on it to find out why, to be honest.

And lastly, United striker and new hero Romelu Lukaku has talked of his ‘special’ relationship with Marcus Rashford. Rashford was the player to set up Lukaku for the first goal, and demonstrated why he is the technically superior player. He’s too slight to lead the line against the best sides, but is a threatening, direct and tricky player when he cuts in from the left.