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Paul Pogba named Europa League Player of the Season 2016-17

Nice one, Paul.

Ajax v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

It’s not the most glamorous individual award that football has to offer, but it takes some winning nonetheless. So congratulations to Paul Pogba, who has today been named Europa League Player of the Season for his part on Manchester United’s successful 2016-17 campaign.

Hard to argue, really. Neither United nor Pogba were quite at full power for much of last season, and United’s eventual triumph owed as much to organisation and determination as it did to anybody’s particular genius. But Pogba was an ever-present part of that determined organisation, and he did score in the final. All told, he played 15 games and scored three goals.

Us? No, we weren’t asked our opinion. TBB is no longer invited to UEFA events since the unfortunate incident with the custard. But if we’d been asked, we’d have gone for Pogba ...

... in second place, with Sergio Romero just ahead of him. Obviously.