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Paul Pogba features in new EA Sports trailer

Manchester United’s star midfielder is in the new ad for EA Sports 2017

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Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League
You can be him. Sort of.
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Phil Jones has impressed Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho after a few good performances this season. He wasn’t overly troubled against Leicester City, though Riyad Mahrez plainly had his number when the two of them got close to one another. Jones has knock to his ankle which could keep him out of England contention. Given Jones has to be managed like a 34-year-old Roy Keane, that’s probably for the best.

The Telegraph have had a relatively detailed look at how Henrikh Mkhitaryan has proven himself as Manchester United’s most reliable number 10 with a few games this season. Mkhitaryan has been consistent - it’s early days yet - and given how dangerous he was at Borussia Dortmund, we can allow ourselves a tiny sliver of optimism.

Here is Paul Pogba in the new EA Sports trailer. Apropos of not a great deal, but I was reading about the accounting practices at software companies, and the attitude of some of them leaves a lot to be desired. What does this have to do with Pogba? Nothing, but it’s much more interesting - just take a look.

Jack Gaughan at the Daily Mail thinks that Mourinho knows that he could be onto something this season, with a new-look side and a new-look attitude. It’s also worth commenting on how much better his suit-and-shirt combo looks at the moment. A changed man from the borderline scruff we saw at Real Madrid and Chelsea.

Mourinho, however, is worried about the sheer number of games that United have next month. He has a point, and one more signing would accommodate a bit more rotation up front, and perhaps a defender might mean that Antonio Valencia isn’t absolutely Patrice-Evra’d over the courses of the season. However, United have a favourable Champions League draw, and could probably take a few selection risks in order to maintain their form in the league.