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Sergio Romero punches Lionel Messi in the face ‘accidentally’

The Manchester United goalkeeper sorted out the mardy Barcelona forward, punching him in the face.

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Alex Ferguson got a lot right in his quarter-century in his time at Manchester United. Eric Cantona was a masterstroke and one of the foundations of the treble season. Bringing Henrik Larsson was both fun and a distraction to a relatively youthful side. Accepting millions of pounds from the Glazers was, to him, a great idea as it gave him a free hand for as long as he wanted at Old Trafford. But one of the things he got wrong was missing out on inspiration soon-to-be England captain Jordan Henderson. Not to be confused with bang average, dead-behind-the-eyes bore-athon clogger Jordan Henderson.

Manchester City have had a £50m bid for Arsenal’s forward Alexis Sanchez turned down. Apparently everyone at Arsenal’s first team has had enough of his misery-guts attitude and want him sold before the transfer window. United could use - and afford - to have him on the wing.

According to this, Mourinho wants Riyad Mahrez, but the board aren’t prepared to spend the £50m that Leicester City think he’s worth. Given he’s won the league and recovered his form last year, £50m seems like a fair value by today’s standards. The only reservation is that he has an Arsenal haircut. The only other United player we have with one of those is Luke Shaw, and he’s been absolutely terrible.

Speaking of pretty poor defenders, Marcos Rojo has got back into the weights room as he attempts a recovery from a serious knee injury. There were signs of improvements last year, as there were with all of United’s defenders under Mourinho, so we shouldn’t write him off yet.

And lastly, he improved a great deal last season with his form and reliability, and he continues to good work in this season: Sergio Romero punched Lionel Messi in the face.