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Riyad Mahrez linked to Manchester United on deadline day

Manchester United have been linked with Leicester City’s Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez

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Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League
Mahrez is close to having Jesse Lingard’s talent
Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

In The Guardian is a story that Manchester United are not getting carried away with their unbeaten record. As well they shouldn’t. They’ve really only played mid-table dross so far, so we can’t be sure if it means anything serious. What we can say, though, is that after the last three years of playing mid-table dross, is that we know what it feels like to struggle along without inspiration - that is not what this was.

The Telegraph mention a story that Manchester United could be a late entrant in the race for Leicester City’s winger Riyad Mahrez. Mahrez would cost around £50m, is younger than Ivan Perisic, and has experience of winning a Premier League title. Something that probably can’t be said of many of United’s other potential targets. He’s still probably joining Barcelona, mind.

That’s what The Mirror think, anyway, and they know their onions when it comes to United. As do The Sun, who are banned here after a vote, because they are a horrendous group of people.

Slur Alex Ferguson, who made his name at Old Toilet, as manager of Manure, has said that he finds the potential move of Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool to Barcelona, a ‘disappointing’ one. He says it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for the club, given they took him from Inter Milan and made him the player he is today. Well, that’s the danger of employing a manager as magical as Brendan Rodgers, I suppose. Not only Coutinho and Luis Suarez, there is also the might of Jordan Henderson to contend with.

And, when Ferguson first showed interest in stepping down around 2001/2002, United met with Arsene Wenger to discuss him replacing Ferguson. Clearly, it came to nothing, but it would have been fascinating to see if he’d become the moralising, underachieving bore he has become since once being one of the best managers about.

Lastly, keep up with The Busby Babe’s transfer deadline day blog here. We’re going to sign Lionel Messi!