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Nani moves from Valencia to Lazio


SS Lazio Medical Tests Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images

Former Manchester United oddity Luis Nani has today moved from Valencia in Spain to Lazio in Italy, and frankly it’s made the tBB hivemind a little bit upset. Because ...

... well, there are better players in the world. Hell, there are better players in United’s squad. But there are few players with the same magnetic air of uncertainty. At his best, he was unplayable; at his worst, he was a clown. And nobody seemed to know which to expect, least of all the man himself. Would he drop jaws or palm faces?

Leaving aside that run of games he had on the right, where he looked for a while like a boring, consistent, decent winger, Nani was an Event Bomb, to be thrown into games with the intention of Making Things Happen. And Things, invariably, would Happen. Like the time Arsenal decided to try to kick him for dribbling:

Or the time he ruined what would have been one of Ronaldo’s most remarkable goals by charging in like a buffoon from an offside position:

Or that other time he made Arsenal look silly:

And yes, so he got sent off against Real Madrid and burst into tears against Liverpool and, also against Liverpool, delivered one of the worst defensive headers of all time straight to Dirk Kuyt ... but still. We miss him. Life was more fun back then.