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Romelu Lukaku targets the losers and the haters


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International Champions Cup 2017 - Manchester United v Manchester City
Lukaku and a fan
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

First, the weather. It is going to be so effing hot in Macedonia that there are going to be drinks breaks in the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United tomorrow, if it gets over a certain temperature. I would like to assure all the readers that I have several drinks breaks a day, and that is why my work becomes increasingly unreadable and belligerent as the hours wear on throughout the day.

The Guardian have a fair, if somewhat optimistic, appraisal of United’s chances in the league this season. They think that a title bid is a little too far this season, but a top three finish is likely. If United aren’t comfortably in the top four this year, then we can consider Jose Mourinho’s time so far a failure. Having said that, United’s purchases so far have given them the chance to really bully the doggerel in the league in the way they haven’t since 2008.

Here are the transfer implications of Neymar’s move to PSG from Barcelona. Marco Verratti has been mentioned here, and there’s a chance that if he’s on the move, then United could find the money to add another midfielder to the squad. However, with Nemanja Matic now present, it might not be the priority it once was.

The Independent write about United’s failure to land a marquee signing. It’s basically because none of them wanted to join United, or leave their current club, enough to join them. But that is hardly a disaster. United don’t need a superstar - yet - because real improvements could be made by just strengthening the squad in obvious areas. A winger and a defender are needed still.

And lastly, Romelu Lukaku is out to prove the losers and the haters wrong over his chances of success at United.