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Jose Mourinho gives up on Gareth Bale transfer

Game over, man, game over.

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UEFA Super Cup - Previews
“I’m Jose Mourinho”
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Jose Mourinho has again had a dig at his ex, saying that he has never had a group of players that he liked so much. While Chelsea’s players were - obviously - a group of egregious a-holes (with a few exceptions), it is hard to look at this squad and see a really objectionable presence. Perhaps getting rid of Wayne Rooney means that United are now a cee-free zone.

Mourinho also said it was ‘game over’ in the chase for Gareth Bale. He had idly speculated before the match that if he was made available, or didn’t play in the Super Cup, that he would ‘fight’ for his signature. Well, Bale played last night and set up a goal, and plainly doesn’t want to leave Madrid. Why would he? Why would he come to Rainy Brexit Island when he has sun and tapas?

The Telegraph thinks that there are reasons to be encouraged from the performance last night. United weren’t absolutely blown away, which might have happened, but there is a growing idea that we can be optimistic with some justification. Disappointment, then, awaits.

Mourinho continued his tradition of giving away his career tat as he made a pleasant gesture, giving away a runners-up medal to a kid in the crowd. The inclusion of this story does show how little actual news there is today, mind.

Ian Wright, who seems like a decent bloke, has had a go at Chelsea for selling Nemanja Matic to United. It isn’t that hard to see why they did, and Roman Abramovich’s generosity to players in allowing them to join rivals means that in future, they can expect to buy players on the back of the idea that good service to their club means they can be rewarded should they ever wish to move on.