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Manchester United await Paul Pogba injury news

Paul Pogba went off with a hamstring injury last night.

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Manchester United v FC Basel - UEFA Champions League
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho might finally be learning the advantages of rotation. He confirmed that Ander Herrera didn’t start against Basle because he had Michael Carrick and Marouane Fellaini in reserve, and didn’t want to use a midfield three. It was unfortunate that Pogba ended up coming off early with a hamstring injury. EFF. Though of course, Herrera being left out does make his free transfer to Manchester City, along with Juan Mata, all the more inevitable.

Mr Paul Hayward believes that Romelu Lukaku is showing the signs of becoming an Old Trafford great. Obviously, as he says, it is early days yet, but a striker who can’t stop scoring for the club is doing precisely what he was brought to the club to do. It’s a joy to not have Javier Hernandez sulking his hole up front, isn’t it?

Here is a love letter to Mr Fellaini. He broke the deadlock for United last night, and has established himself as Jose Mourinho’s teacher’s pet. In some ways, it’s impressive. He might be limited, and a weakness in many ways, but you cannot deny that he has gradually changed from a total liability, to a player who can at least focus and stick to his strengths. Most of the time. OK, sometimes. Still, it’s an improvement, and demonstrates the importance of application and concentration to others with more talent.

United will miss Pogba for a few weeks, and he left the ground on crutches. Marcus Rashford believes he’ll be a big miss for United, and it’s hard to deny. He seemed to be on the cusp of growing into his role for the club. Nevertheless, if United can’t cope without him, they’ve got big problems.

And lastly, we might finally have seen the last of the woeful Phil Jones after Victor Lindelof impressed on his debut. Keep it up, and liberate us from the Terror of Phil.