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Amazon could give more money to Manchester United’s owners

Jeff Bezos will rule us all.

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Tech And Media Elites Attend Allen And Company Annual Meetings In Idaho
I need your clothes, your boots, and your broadcasting rights.
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For all the scumbags in The Busby Babe comments, here is an accurate explanation about why there is racism in the Romelu Lukaku chant, and why being racist is bad. If people here continue to deny the existence of racism in the chant, then I will celebrate each and every banning that would be richly, richly deserved.

Rio Ferdinand’s decision to become a professional boxer has been met with some bizarre overreaction. People have warned him that he could die and that his health is at serious risk. Well, yes, but boxing is fairly dangerous, not desperately dangerous, and he has the money to go into this with his eyes open and the support of professionals to mitigate the presence of risk. Why Ferdinand needs to be singled out as if he’s somehow unaware that getting punched in the head a lot is dangerous, who knows?

Here are five Manchester United players with a point to prove to Jose Mourinho in the Carabao Cup against Burton Albion tonight. It’s desperately hard to care, as I imagine it is for the players too - so anyone who manages to stand up against the drudgery will benefit.

The Glazers could be given yet more millions as Amazon prepares to bid for the rights to Premier League football. This is not far from happening, and United fans should start to entertain the possibility that not only could tech companies own the rights to football, they might start purchasing the clubs too.

And lastly, who better to earn money than the Glazers. After all, their club continues to treat fans with disabilities disgracefully, and show an unjustified contempt for all that is right in the world. Still, at least we know where we are with these people - they are a risible disgrace and any friendly tone with them is a farce.