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Manchester United fans continue to act pathetically over Romelu Lukaku chant

Grow up.

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Southampton v Manchester United - Premier League
Give it a rest.
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho stepped onto the pitch against Southampton. Yes, obviously, that is a revolting, despicable act and it is lucky that nobody was killed in the process. The Mirror believe that walking a bit onto the pitch is worthy of a big feature. Presumably there is nothing of note happening elsewhere in football and this is why we are talking about it. I know that’s why I am.

Super Bryan Robson thinks that a touchline ban for Mourinho would be an, ‘absolute joke’, which doesn’t make it any less likely that the Premier League will go for it, because they are spectacularly incompetent.

According to this, Manchester United’s struggles against Southampton, which nevertheless gave them three points after some resilient defending, is the perfect preparation for this week’s game against CSKA Moscow in Russia. This is probably because going to Russia always seems to be a really gruelling experience, and they will need their wits about them to grind out any kind of result.

Romelu Lukaku has again asked fans to stop singing the racist chant about him. Honestly, if fans continue to sing it then he should join Manchester City and take revenge with seventeen consecutive hat-tricks against United. At this point there is no defence, nor any plausible claim of ignorance - not that will stop the racists still chanting or defending it.

Manchester United want to sign David de Gea to a new contract. With Real Madrid still lurking, it would be very handy to at least make things more awkward for De Gea to leave, and for Real to be able to afford it. He is the world’s best goalkeeper, and young enough to demand a world record fee.

And lastly, I wrote about why the people singing the Lukaku chant are acting pathetically.